The Monty Hall Problem (168kb)
Teacher led interactive presentation demonstrating the popular probability problem.

Dice Roll (37kb)
Large single die or pair of dice that can be rolled on screen.
Enable Macros when prompted.

BlockBusters (634kb)
Game board from the popular TV gameshow.
Enable Macros when prompted.
The theme tune can be played from here.

Ratio & Proportion – Vitruvian Man (236kb)
PowerPoint and worksheet to accomapny a practical activity exploring the ratios of height and arm span, length of hand, etc.

Similar Triangles & Photography (931kb)
PowerPoint and worksheet involving finding lengths of objects from aerial and satellite photos.

Similarity (780kb)
Why you need to wrap up babies. Why a mouse will survive a drop from a large building. Why giants can’t walk.
Similarity answers these burning questions!

The Sheerluck Mysteries (212kb)
10 interactive puzzles based around number facts, e.g. primes, square numbers, etc.
Enable Macros when prompted.

Question of Maths – Algebra 1 (200kb)
Question of Maths – Distance, Speed, Time (200kb)
Question of Maths – Fractions, Decimals & Percentages (200kb)
Three quizes roughly based on the Question of Sport TV show. The questions can easily be changed to suit any topic/level.
The theme tune can be downloaded from here. Save in same folder as PowerPoint file to automatically play during presentation.

Compound Angle Formulae (260kb)
Animated Proof of Sin(A+B)

Standard Form – Planets (431kb)
Recap of Standard Form with big numbers in the context of planet information.

Fastest Planet (1 Mb)
Activity – Calculate which is the fastest planet in our solar system.
Involves significant figures, circumference of circle and DST.

Multiplying Pairs of Brackets (153kb)
Introduction to lesson using areas.

Quadratic Factors Starter (50kb)
Match quadratic expressions to factors.
Enable Macros when prompted.

Integration – Area Under a Curve (285kb)
Derives method of integration for finding the area under a curve.

Sorting Numbers (382kb)
Sort numbers into Odd/Even, Prime/Composite and Square numbers.
Simple powerpoint file created to demonstrate Drag & Drop macro.
In PowerPoint, go to Tools > Macros > Security and set it to Medium. Run the file and Enable Macros when prompted.

  1. Douglas Hainline

    These are wonderful! Thank you so much!

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