Make Excel Interactive

Creating Pictographs with Excel (125kb)

MS Word file detailing how to change histograms into pictographs in Excel.

Interactive Excel using Rand Function (22kb)

Excel file with examples of how to use Excel’s random number generator to create interactive spreadsheets.

Conditional Formatting in Excel (49kb)

How to use conditional formatting in Maths related Excel spreadsheets.

F9 Key Alternatives (34kb)

How to create alternatives to the F9 key in Excel. Great for interactive whiteboard or Tablet PC users.

Graphing Functions in Excel (200kb)

Detailed help on creating graphs of functions.

Self-Correcting Worksheet (14kb)

How to create a self correcting worksheet using conditional formatting.

Using the IF Function (20kb)

The conditional logic function IF explained.

Buttons, Sliders & Spinners (86kb)

Use Excel’s controls to add further interactivity to spreadsheets.

Text & Calculations (35kb)

How to combine text and Excel formulae in a single cell and how to use it to create interactive questions.


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