What’s this all about?

I have a rather large list of ‘websites to check‘ in my favourites, lots of ideas gleaned from tweets, a pile of pages to ‘read later’ in my Readitlater account, even more in my Bloglines account and I really need to start organising them into one place I can easily access and share.  Hence this blog!

So far I have just imported some videos from a blog I use with my pupils and also uploaded most of the resources I used to share via my mathsroom.co.uk website.

Why ‘H tends 2 Zero‘?  My nickname is ‘H’ and it’s a maths phrase.

Well, here goes….

I love Maths!

Happy Valentines Day!

On your TI83 press WINDOW and set the values to the following:

Press 2ND then ZOOM (FORMAT)

Highlight AxesOff and press enter.

Enter the following equations on your graphic (or graphing software)

To get abs(x) press 2ND then 0 (zero) then ENTER (as it is first in the list).

Now press GRAPH

Remember to reset the axes after you are done!